Terms and Conditions


The following terms and conditions are in relevance to the www.wudzest.com website. Therefore, it contains terms between the Wudzest, a proprietorship firm that is registered under MSME, and the visitors or users of the site. It contains conditions on which the firm provides website access.

By accessing your website or making a purchase from it, you are agreeing to our service and the terms and conditions given below. These terms and conditions are applicable to every visitor of our website, including people browsing the website, customers, vendors, merchants, or content contributors.

Please check the service terms carefully to freely access and explore our site. If you don’t agree to any given terms and conditions, then it is suggested that you may not utilize or access our website.

In the future, any new products added to our online will have the same terms of service. To check the current and the latest terms of service, visit this page to check updates, modifications, and replacements.

Online Store Terms:

With the terms of service given here, you are agreeing that your age is of majority as recognized by the state you live in or you have offered consent to a minor to access the website.

Any customer or visitor of the website can’t use our products for any unauthorized or legal purposes or violate laws while using products.

If there’s a breach of terms in this sense, we may terminate the service without notice.

General Conditions:

In general, Wudzest holds the right to deny service to any users due to any given the reason at any time.

It is necessary to understand you’re the content received from you may be transmitted to other networks without encryption. However, credit cards and other sensitive details are encrypted before transmission.

With these terms of service, you agree to not duplicate, reproduce, sell, copy, exploit, or resell our service without written permission given by Wudzest.

Accuracy, Completeness, And Timeliness Of Information:

Data given on the website is added for general information, hence, we may not take responsibility for inaccurate or old information. You should not make important decisions only based on the data given on the website. If you rely on the data given on the website, then you are doing that at your own risk.

We also reserve any right to change, modify, and update information and data any time in the future.

Modifications To The Service And Prices: 

We may change or modify the prices of products and services without notice. With this, we also reserve the right to discontinue or deny service without offering a reason. Hence, we may not be held liable for any change or service suspensive.

Products or Services:

There are many products on our online store, we may accept return of these products only based on our policy of return. While we have tried offering as accurate data as possible, such as photos. But, we can’t guarantee that there won’t be a change in the colors of the monitor and the actual product.

With this, we also have the right to restrict product quantity, service to any time or change/add services and their prices.

We don’t offer a warranty for the product quality that is purchased by you but doesn’t pass your expectations or that we will replace or correct mistakes.

Accuracy Of Billing And Account Information:

Wudzest can deny or restrict you any order or purchase even after the order has been placed. For the same, we try to inform our users at the earliest.

Every user making a purchase agrees to provide us complete and the latest data, such as account information. You also agree to change account details whenever there’s a change in address, email ID, or other details.  

Optional Tools:

We may use or offer access to tools or third-party tools that we don’t monitor. Since we don’t endorse or warrant these tools, we are not liable for the issues arising with this third party. Since this usage is optional for the customer, you are using these at your own risk.

If in the future, we add to our tools and third-party collaborations, these will come under the policy too.

Third-Party Links:

Some content or service on our website may have third-party links. If you visit these third-party and they redirect you to another third party, then we may not be held responsible for the accuracy of the content or services.

We are not responsible for any type of damage that occurred to users in relevance to third-party products or services. Please check their policies and terms and conditions for clarification.  

User Comments, Feedback, And Other Submissions:

If you share comments or suggestions through any medium, such as emails, posts, etc., then we reserve the right to use this content without any restriction to offer you credits, compensation, or anything else. We try to respond to comments but we are not obligated to do so.

Our team endeavors to remove any unlawful or offensive content but we are under no obligation to necessarily achieve this.

You agree to post content or comments that don’t violate another third party, such as copyright, personality, privacy, or trademark. You are solely responsible if anything of this sort happens, Wudzest will not be held responsible.

Personal Information:

The personal information that you provide is subject to our terms and conditions and privacy policy.

Errors, Inaccuracies, And Omissions: 

Occasionally, you may find data that contains typographical or other errors. Hence, we reserve the right to change these things or update data, or correct mistakes without any prior notice. However, we are not under obligation to do so.

Prohibited Uses:

Any user is prohibited from using our content and services for:

  • Unlawful purpose
  • Unlawful act
  • Violation of federal, international, or state laws
  • Violation of rights of intellectual property
  • Harassment, abuse, discrimination, etc.
  • Misleading data
  • Personal and sensitive data of other users
  • Phishing or spam
  • Immoral purpose
  • Interference with the security of the website

    We can terminate your service without prior notice if there’s a violation.

    Disclaimer Of Warranties; Limitation Of Liability:

    Wudzest doesn’t guarantee uninterrupted, error-free, secure, or timely service. We don’t guarantee any type of results from the website or service.

    We can remove or cancel service without informing anyone.

    You are agreeing to utilize our service or product at your own risk. There’s no warranty on the service or product delivered to the user. Therefore, in no case, Wudzest or its stakeholders or employees will become liable for replacement or repair of the damage caused to you.


    Every user indemnifies to Wudzest or its partners and employees if any violation of the terms of service is made. This includes every payment or expense arising from a third-party claim or demand.


    Even if one or more than one provision in the terms of service is not serviceable due to change in law or applicable regulations, the other provisions still hold true and will be enforced.


    Every provision in the terms of service is applicable till the termination of service either by us or the user. The user should notify us that they don’t intend to utilize our services.

    If you fail to comply with the terms of service, we also hold the right to terminate the service without notice. This means we can deny service access and users will still have the liability of due amounts.

    Entire Agreement:

    If we fail to enforce or exercise any provision in the terms of services, we are not liable for any waiver. These terms and conditions include the entire website and it is created to generate an understanding between us and the customer for the user of our service. Any ambiguity or failure to interpret the terms can’t be used against the party drafting this. 

    Governing Law:

    Any terms of services offered by Wudzest are governed by Rajasthan’s laws.

    Changes To Terms Of Service: 

    We hold the right to change and modify the content or terms of service of the website. When you use the website after these changes, you are agreeing to these changes. Hence, it is best to check the current version of the conditions from time to time.

    Contact Information

    If you have any queries, connect with us at wudzest@gmail.com.

    Shipping Policy

    We ship all our products through third party logistics partners and we do not have our own shipping service. We ship almost all of our orders within 24 hours and it's get delivered to the customer anywhere between 2 days to 7 days depending on the pin code. You will get a tracking id of your order as soon as we ship it. If due to any reason order is taking longer than expected to ship or deliver, you have an option to cancel your order at any time.